Do you doubt your capability as a leader?

You're not alone. Many of us suffer from self-doubt at some point in our careers. For some, the fear of incompetence impacts their performance and ability to lead. Great leadership is within you. In just 12 weeks, we'll help you develop the skills needed for you to lead with confidence and impact.

Do you find yourself doubting your credibility as a leader? 

Do you worry about how well you manage yourself, or how well you manage other people?

Do you privately question your own leadership capabilities?

Do you ever feel, deep down inside, that you are in fact, a fraud? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Many of us suffer from self-doubt and live with the fear of being ‘found out’ at some point in our careers.

In a telling HBR survey conducted on 116 CEOs, their number one fear was “being found to be incompetent”, also referred to as ‘imposter syndrome’.  About 60% of these leaders said it affected their performance on a regular basis.

As a result of this dysfunctional thinking, problems begin to occur such as: 

  • A lack of honest conversations. 
  • Too much political game playing.
  • Silo thinking.
  • Lack of ownership and follow-through. 
  • Tolerating bad behaviours.

The impact of those problems on you as a leader consequently leads to behaviours such as poor decision-making, focusing on survival rather than growth, inducing bad behaviour at the next level down, and failing to act unless there’s a crisis.

You may not be a CEO or even an executive, you may be new to leadership or partway through your leadership career. But unless you’re are able to successfully address your self-worth as a leader – and unless you are prepared to dig deep into the reasons why you feel this way – you can’t begin the healing process, and ultimately, your leadership career will be limited at best.

That's why we developed the Person-Centered Leadership Program – to guide you through the mindset, skillset and toolset adjustments you will need to make in order for you to consistently feel that you are both qualified and worthy enough to be in your leadership role. 

Our course helps you develop your communication, coaching and facilitation skills to support you in leading and developing diverse teams of people when it is needed the most.

We know the barriers, pitfalls and challenges that are faced when doing this type of professional development. We have been supporting professionals like you for over 20 years to grow personally and in their careers as leaders.

Great leadership is a skill you can learn. But, the inner work must be done before you can truly lead others.

The Person-Centred Leadership Program

Breakthrough your fears and lead with confidence.

The Person-Centred Leadership Program is a 12-week professional development program that develops confident and capable leaders. Based on person-centred leadership principles, the program addresses the leader’s relationship to self and others and guides participants through the mindset, skillset and toolset adjustments needed to consistently feel that you are both qualified and worthy enough to be in your leadership role. The program is based on Remarkable Results’ unique Leadership Prism to guide leaders through the six levels of developing self-confidence, vulnerability and conducting effective professional relationships.
the leadership prism by remarkable results

The Person-Centred Leadership Program is for every leader.

This program is for people who are in a professional role as a Manager, Supervisor, Team Leader or Executive position. Those who will particularly benefit are those who identify with the following experiences and are open to doing the work to challenge one's own beliefs and are ready to be accountable for their individual development.

  • You struggle with imposter syndrome or attribute your success to external factors rather than your own contributions

  • You find it difficult to lead and manage well under adverse conditions

  • You find it difficult to persuade and/or engage others in your ideas

  • You fail to understand problems team members face or to help solve performance problems

  • Group or team meetings are often seen as a waste of time

  • You often feel anxious, uneasy or distressed that you're over-stretched or over-challenged, that your challenges exceed your skills

  • You struggle to find meaning in your work

Develop your leadership skills and confidence and finally eliminate the feeling that you are not good enough to be an effective leader.

Become the leader that you would choose to follow.

After completing the PCL Program, you will positively impact staff satisfaction, financial performance and efficiency metrics, whilst gaining a reputation for being a leader that manages the balance between developing and supporting your team and the needs of the organisation you work for/lead.

  • Deep, genuine confidence in your leadership style and ability to positively drive performance, even in uncertain times.

  • Deepen your self-awareness around your leadership values, beliefs, and preferences.

  • Ability to authentically show vulnerability and use it as a strength to foster authentic relationships with your team members.

  • Be highly effective in developing individual and team skills.

  • Increase your ability to remain open, patient and optimistic in the face of challenges or uncertainty; and your team’s ability to deal with change.

  • Improve your analytical thinking and decision making skills.

  • Develop safe, creative and critical learning spaces for your teams.

  • Communicate at a more intimate level to find common ground, shared vision, and action.

  • Know when to lead from the front, sideline, alongside or behind, depending on the development needed of the individual team member.

  • Ramp up your team's willingness to take on more responsibility, problem-solving, and decision making.

Feel embodied in your new leadership style, positively transformed, and deeply proud of your leadership skills.


    Be guided in your learning with our live, virtual, instructor-led masterclasses.


    Our program is based on leading person-centred leadership research for performance.


    Enhance your development by applying our best practice tools through each module.

What you can expect

The Person-Centred Leadership Program is a 12 week virtual, instructor-led training (VILT) program where you'll be guided through each of the six Leadership Prism modules. At the end of the program, you'll have the confidence and skills to positively impact change in those you lead and your organisation.

  • 12 weeks of blended online learning and application in your workplace, supported by Leadership Coach Mark Edwards.

  • 6 x Live, instructor-led online training calls with Mark Edwards.

  • 6 x Leadership Prism modules based on PCL principles including video training, workbooks, tools and resources.

  • Learn when and where it's convenient, with our online course material.

  • Full year access to revisit the learning content anytime you want.

  • Access to our growing Person-Centred Leaders community of practice.

Meet your course facilitator

Leadership Coach

Mark Edwards

Mark is a champion of person-centered leadership and self-directed learning as the cornerstone to self-development. As a Leadership Coach and Facilitator, Mark integrates these philosophies to help guide his students and organisations to perform more successfully. In founding Remarkable Results, Mark’s ambition was to develop better leaders by supporting the creation of healthier leadership and learning cultures – and ultimately through this process, relieve suffering in the workplace.

Become the confident leader you want to be.

Enrolments close 31 March. Program starts 12 April. Limited spaces available!

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Have questions? Read our FAQs

  • How long does the program run for and what is the commitment?

    This is a six-module, 12-week program. Content will be available for you to work through at your own pace. We will have a 3 hour live, instructor-led training Zoom call each week to teach you the content and answer your questions. We recommend working through a module each week to get the most out of the program.

  • I can't make this start date. Will the program be offered again?

    While it's our intention to offer the program again, timing will be based on demand. If you would like to join but can't make this round's start date of 11 March 2021, you could join now and catch up with the recordings. This program is offered virtually and all videos and masterclass recordings will be available inside the online course platform.

  • I'm an experienced leader, is this program for me?

    Yes it is, most senior leaders with a decade or more leadership experience understand the value of continued professional development. The program is designed to offer complete flexibility in matching the level of the leader's competence and experience with the complexity of the learning tasks and activities, ensuring that the right balance of challenge is achieved.

  • I'm new to leadership, is this program for me?

    Yes it is, getting the person-centred leadership concepts, principles, skills, mindset, and toolset built into a leader's approach at an early stage of their development accelerates their ability to achieve the business results that are required from them. Starting a leadership career with the right professional development is a surefire way to support career success.

  • I'm a small business owner, is this program for me?

    That depends on whether you have staff or not, and whether those staff are responsible for the success of your business. If you can answer yes to both those questions, this course is for you.

  • How much support will I receive during the program?

    The level of support you receive is tailored to your needs as a student. We all learn differently and the level of support you receive will depend on your needs and preferences. The facilitator will engage with you by email at the start of the course to determine the level of support you need and various options will be presented to you as you progress through the course.

  • I'd like to enrol my leadership team. Can we enrol as a group?

    Yes. We depending on the size of your group, you can either enrol as part of an upcoming intake with other students, or we can discuss with you running a private program for your own cohort. Email us with your enquiry and number of students to